The AnnaVail Story


As a lifelong cheese enthusiast, AnnaVail Cheese proprietor Ann Kurronen has lived in the Vail Valley long enough to be considered a local.


In the 1960’s her family moved to Colorado from the mid-west. As a child back in those days, she was happiest spending summers with her maternal grandparents on their Iowa farm where they raised cattle and a small herd of sheep.


It was through her Grandma Olson that Ann learned the true meaning of farm to table cooking long before the phrase was popularized into a movement.


While her love of the land and outdoors endured, Ann’s career led her on a path to become a human resources leader for Fortune 500 corporations and Vail area       non-profits. But after twenty five years as an HR professional, she has returned to  her roots as a producer of fine food, specifically cheese.